How To Sunday Funday Like A Pro

Who doesn’t enjoy partaking in a Sunday Funday once in awhile? I know I do.

Sometimes I have productive Sundays preparing for the week ahead, where I get my laundry done, clean my apartment, pamper myself with face masks and self manicures. And then there are other Sundays where I have a solid buzz on by 2pm and am out having a wildly fun time with friends.

Those are the Sundays that I used to regret on Monday mornings when my alarm went off signaling the start to the work week, until I decided to make a few small smart changes:

1. Drink water between drinks and whenever you can

We all know hydration is the key to preventing a terrible hangover the next day, but 99% of the time we don’t do it. We forget until the end of the night, chug one glass before bed and expect to feel fine the next day. It can be even worse if you are drinking all day. Do yourself a favor and drink a glass of water in between every drink instead of waiting for the end of the day.

2. End your drinking by dinnertime

A common downfall of a Sunday Funday is continuing the party until the wee hours of the morning. While there is nothing wrong with that on a Friday or Saturday night, on Sundays it’s a bad idea. You’ll be hurting mightily the next morning, trust me I’ve been there, done that. Aim to stop drinking by 6-7pm at the very latest and spend the rest of the night relaxing at home. You’ll get sleepy once you stop but that’s ok, the more sleep you can get the better.

3. Make sure to eat food!

While most people get the drunk munchies, it’s not usually until the end of the night and it’s normally something with zero nutritional value. Try to eat throughout the day, and attempt to make healthier eating decisions if possible. I’m not talking carrot sticks and salad, but choose grilled chicken & rice over fried greasy chicken fingers and fries. If you’re out for brunch, go for a dish with eggs and veggies rather than a stack of pancakes with syrup. If you eat and drink a bunch of crap throughout the day, you’ll wake up a bloated mess and that’s no way to start a new week.

4. Most importantly, don’t think about work the next day!

There is nothing you can do to change the fact that tomorrow is Monday and you have to go to work, so stop worrying about it and enjoy the present day. Don’t ruin the last day of your weekend by thinking about work and other responsibilities.


Good luck and share any other tips you have in the comments below!

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