My ONE Trick for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Week everyone!

If you’re like me, you love food and you love Thanksgiving. However, I truly hate feeling full and bloated. It’s so uncomfortable and drains my energy to do anything.

One year, I ate so much I literally put myself into a half-coma. I remember laying on the couch, in pain, groaning, just waiting to feel less full. In hindsight it was probably a funny sight, but at the time I just remember feeling regret at eating so much.

Luckily, I’ve figured out a trick to help with that.

Here’s a truth: I believe that people should eat whatever they want on Thanksgiving.

While this might be against the normal ‘have a healthy holiday’ advice, I believe if you try to “diet” through it, to avoid grabbing a big plateful of deliciousness when everyone else is, you are most likely going to be miserable.

In order to balance this, here’s my one trick:


Don’t just shrug this off – I’m telling you, it helps!

Just drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you don’t want to constrain yourself in any other way, if you just make sure to drink TONS of water it’ll help you feel fuller sooner, help your digestion, and keep your energy levels up after eating all that turkey.

I don’t care if you eat your weight in turkey & stuffing, or drink delicious wine, cocktails, or beer all day. Whatever you are doing, incorporate 91oz of water into your day and you’ll be better off.


Try to drink at least half of this amount BEFORE the main meal. This will help you realize faster that you are full so you don’t over-eat too much.

Last year, I did this trick and I was still able to eat every single thing I wanted, but I just didn’t eat TOO much of it.

That’s the key.

I felt full, but happily full, at the end of the main meal, and then was still able to eat a dessert a couple hours later.


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