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Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

I gotta admit, I really enjoy using the word ya’ll even though I’m from Boston. It’s just so fun.


Let’s talk about happiness. Being happy, what makes us happy, how to get happier on a daily basis.

Sometimes we think we know what will make us happy and in the end it turns out we were wrong. For instance, for a few years while working at a young tech startup, I thought if only I could get to a certain role that I’ve always wanted, I will be happy. When I realized it probably wouldn’t happen at that company, I left and went to a new company where I could be in my “dream role”.

Less than a month into this new job, I realized I’d made a mistake. Not a huge one, I was getting paid good money and getting more experience, however this “dream job” did not make me happy like I thought it would. I was still just as unhappy working the 9-5 life as I had been at my old company.

The key is to sit down and really think about what makes you happiest. It’s easy to get ideas into our head of happiness that just stay there for years and may not be true. The ideas might even be true when you first think of them, but as years pass, we change. Maybe when I was 22 if I were offered that “dream role”, I would have been immensely happy and my life would have taken a different path. But by the time I did get said role, 5 years had passed and my priorities in life had changed without me realizing it.

I figured out that my happiness, my real current desire, is to be happy with what I’m doing every day, to have my work integrate with my life so that my job doesn’t feel like a job.

It took me awhile to identify that about myself though. It takes some self-reflection and alone time. I turned to a lot of self-help books and articles, and tried a variety of new things, all in the sake of figuring out what would give me a fully happy and satisfied life.

If you’re like me and unhappy in your career, I highly recommend the book Careergasm by Sarah Vermunt. She walks you through some exercises to help figure out what you really like doing, and gives suggestions on how to make that a career, or at least a side-hustle.

If you are unhappy but don’t really know why, I’ve picked up some tips & tricks along the way and wrote them all down in a free mini-ebook for your reading pleasure. Download below! 


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